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In a post apocalyptic world...

A tribe of possums are on the move in a post apocalyptic world. Tired and on the brink of starvation, their seemingly never ending search for the promised city of Didel was about to come to an end. Tens of thousands started out on this pilgrimage that was necessitated by circumstance. Only 4999 remained.

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4999 Possums NFT's,  generated from 138 hand drawn traits.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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how it works

POD is something different. A deflationary NFT collection with ZERO bombastic/unachievable promises. No money sink in the form of the metaverse.

With everything that is going on in the crypto space at the moment, we want to bring some FUN back to the space. These possums will serve as the gateway token to the OF DOOM brand.

The Curse is a mechanism where 100 possums will be randomly selected every peepoch. These unlucky fuckers will be DESTROYED! Their furry souls consumed for the Devils pleasure.

Sacrificed possums will have their metadata updated with a new trait. A reverse reveal of sorts. (Some of these dead possums might be useful for those that want to secure a place in the final 666).  Once we are down to the final 100 possums, the curse will 'consume' 10 possums per peepoch until the final 11 are left standing. These 11 will all have an exponential share of the massive prize pool! 

Most... but not all possums are equal facing the Curse as some special traits will grant them a guaranteed spot, for example :
PoD with the laser eyes (10) are guaranteed to be part of the last 222 possums.


When the weary 4999 set paws in Didel, they found out that it was about as far away from a promised land as a possum could get. The only thing waiting for them was the Devil himself - with the promise of a curse in the guise of a proposition. They would have to sacrifice some of their own every peepoch (5 days) to satiate the sadistic needs of the Devil in return for shelter, food and drink.

Four thousand nine hundred and ninety nine entered Didel. Before long, only six hundred and sixty six would be left.

The project will be sold as a low mint cost, high royalty model.

Our 10 winners will share 55% of the total mint ADA + 50% of the royalties throughout the curse making it a gradually growing pot. The other 50% from the royalties will go to the Dev and the rest of the Team.

JoIN The Madness !

Take a gamble with the Devil and ...


Ticket to Didel (OG Pass)  Policy ID : e06255c48b907f2e079d63485cfd711d4bcda1cda4235765663a9b0e




V1 (will get updated)

-Website and twitter creation

-Finishing up traits for the collection

-Giveaways on a weekly basis.

-Airdrop of the "Tickets to Didel" (OG pass).

-introduction to the POD world.

-Discord opening right before mint.

-Mint of the 4999 Possums.

-Beginning of "The Curse".

-Raffle for the "Tickets to Didel" Holders.

-Music collab

-Brand building.

-Merch Development.

-Staking platforms implementation. 

-Collabs with other project.


Meet the Team

You wonder around the streets of Didel at night,

In a quiet backstreet, 3 ugly looking possums pops out of falling trash container...



Founder and "Artist"









Music nerd


Feel free to reach out on our social media pages !

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